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Slider (Updated 8-14-21)

Developing a slider, the new fashioned way.

I started pitching in junior high. I had my 4 -Seamer, but was able to learn a 2-seamer and curveball in high school, and a changeup in college. What I could never figure out was a slider. Piggybacking off of the Galaxtronic, I decided to be my own guinea pig and try to teach myself to myself a slider. I sharpied a ball and tried to get it to spin to where the circle is in the same place. Sadly, I could not use a Rapsodo to compare my slider to my curveball, but the eye test shows a big difference in movement and velo.

UPDATE: I originally developed the Slider in September of 2019. I have since thrown the Slider off of a Rapsodo unit and have measurements for the pitch. As you can see, it has almost exclusively side spin and gyro spin, and a different overall shape than my curveball. Safe to say it was a success.

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