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College Analytics

Using Advanced Analytics to Evaluate Our Players

I have been practicing R more and more since I have started working at BSC, and I wanted to keep trying new things. Advanced analytics has always been intriguing to me and I wanted to try and find some advanced hitting metrics that are scaled to college baseball. Thanks to Robert Frey's work, I was able to find wOBA scales, run values for each outcome, FIP constant, and other things. (All weights were an average taken from the 2018-2020 college seasons between D1, D2, and D3.)

I learned how to scrape data from our team's stats page on our website. Next, I created the formulas for wRAA, RC, wRC, wRC+, and wOBA. Once our stats are entered on the website, I run the code. We can now see how much value each hitter has provided to our team. This code even led to a few lineup changes to try to generate more offense when we started struggling

I also created code for the following:
• Stats for specified range of games(for example: how has hitter X hit in his last 10 games), and we use that for both the coaching staff's knowledge, as well as posting on Twitter along with video for other teams to see.
• Team pitching stats including FIP, wOBA against, and a few others
• Region only games hitting stats for our team.
• Region only games pitching stats for our team.
• Region Team hitting and pitching stats to compare our offense and pitching staff around the league

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