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Using R to visualize Rapsodo Data


I took the original idea of making charts and made a PDF of all of them combined. I also added AVG Velo charts and Velo comparison charts. ALong with those, I added tables showing the pitch log from that Rapsodo session, as well as the average of each pitch for that session!

Below is a link of an example of a report!


In February of 2021, I became an assistant coach at Bryant & Stratton College, a D2 Juco just outside of Milwaukee.

We had a Rapsodo, but it was difficult to explain or organize that data in order to show our head coach and players. I decided to use the data programming skills I learned the previous year to visualize the data.

I took the csv's from Rapsodo's Cloud and made horizontal/vertical break charts, release point charts, and what I like to call a radar chart.

With all of these, I set up the code to where all I need to do is run CTRL+F and replace one last name with another and the charts will automatically upload to our team's dropbox folder!

Examples of these are all below!

HB/VB Chart - this chart shows both each pitch's movement, as well as the range for each pitch.
Release Point Chart - shows release point for each pitch
Radar Chart - a chart that plots each pitch on a circular plot by using each pitch's Spin Direction and Spin Efficiency

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