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Below is a list of Professions Certifications I completed in order to improve my coaching and analytical skills.

R Programming A-Z - R For Data Science.jpg

R Programming A-Z: R For Data Science 
Udemy Inc.

  • Learned how to use R and R Studio to manipulate large data sets in order to create reports and visual graphics

The Complete SQL Bootcamp.png

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 
Udemy Inc.

  • Learned SQL to query a database, perform data analysis, and and query reports


Tableau 2022 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science
Udemy Inc.

  • Learned the ins and outs of Tableau and how to make visualizations, dashboards, tables, and more

Baseball Database Queries with SQL and dplyr.png

Baseball Database Queries with SQL & dplyr 
Mercyhurst University / Udemy Inc.

  • Learned SQL and dplyr to query a database and perform data analysis in a baseball setting

Driveline Pitch Design.jpg

Basics of Pitch Design  
Driveline Baseball

  • Learned the basics of pitch tracking technology and the terms used to describe movement

  • Learned how to classify different movement profiles and make common adjustments

K-Vest Level 1.png

K- Motion Baseball Level 1

Learned the following:

  • The Language of K-Vest and Biomechanics

  • Assessing The Player using K-Vest

  • Accessing The Big Three Benefits Of Efficiency: bat speed, hitting different pitches and reducing injury risk

  • Developing & Coaching Players with Biofeedack

Certificate of Completion.png

The Essentials of Hitting 
The Farm System

  • Talked about the keys to developing hitters

  • Course that connected the dots between kinetics, kinematics, and swinging

Farm+ Biomechanics Level 1 Certificate of Completion.png

Biomechanics Level 1 
The Farm System

  • Course that connected the dots between kinetics, kinematics, and swinging

  • Focused on rotation, kinetic chain, sequencing, and more

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